Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A place for my stuff

I decided it was time I had a blog for my SCA creations. Why not? It'll serve as a Journeyman's Journal and an SCA resume.

So here's me. I joined the SCA in the early months of 1990 and attended my first event at Sir Edward's Tourney during the reign of Thorin and Angharad.

I have held several offices in the past for the Shire, including Chatelaine, Chronicler, Exchequer, and Stock Clerk. I also served as Seneschale of Wisdom's Keep for a few months until it closed (inadequate membership numbers). I autocratted a few events, including Town Faire (AS XXV?) and Sir Edward's Tourney.

Ariel de Courtenay saw promise in my artistic endeavors and took me on as a student in 1996. Upon her elevation to the Laurel, I became her senior apprentice.

I was trained as Registrar for the University of Ithra under the guidance of Viscountess Amanda Kendal, and was later elevated to the Chancellor of Ithra for my campus in January 2004.

I moved from Shittimwoode to Aquaterra in late summer 2007 and began attending Baronial meetings as soon as possible. I soon took the office of Minister of A&S for the Barony in March 2008.

I have been making my own garments since I began. In about 2000, I decided I much preferred the Flemish style garments from the mid-1500s for comfort and style. Here are a few things I've created for SCA use.

Recently I began knitting socks and it occurred to me that knitting was period, and found the pattern on a web site for Eleanor of Toledo's stockings. While the pattern didn't work (for many reasons), I modified it to create a cuff and knit the rest of the sock to fit my legs. I used a not-very-period varigated purple in a fingering weight yarn, just for fun.

Then I tried to make some in a more period colorway...thus my hot socks. Knitted on size 1 needles.

Nightcap, made from Cascade 220 wool yarn.

Another "Elven" nightcap, made for the family members for Christmas portraits, but will be useful for An Tir camping, too.

Dye stuff experiment with Onion skins. Yarn on left is the "before" color; left is, obviously, after. My hands were about the same color as the yarn on the right when finished. :)

Weaving on the Inkle Loom in An Tir colors. It was donated to largesse.

Making a small banner for my office.

Needleworked a badge for the Costumer's Guild with two beads sewn on to indicate my achievement.

A pilgrim bag with antler button for holding all my goodies.

I've made children's garments, too. Young son, Benno.

Sorry--it's crooked, but it's the best picture I have of the entire tunic. And he sure is handsome!!

Two gowns and a "bog" coat (not period construction, but it's quick and has a passable silhouette.

I love the simplicity and ease of making a period rectangular constructed garment.

Middle kid, daughter, Lottie.

Unfinished experiment - Nalbinding the Oslo stitch.

I have lots more, but this is a good start to show the breadth of my interests and abilities.