Saturday, September 18, 2010

A&S 50 for AS 50 Challenge

I just recently heard about the A&S project to finish 50 projects for A.S. L (that's Anno Societatus 50). I have to make 50 projects that were started after A.S. 42 (2007) and finish by A.S. L (2015). This can be a challenge of depth, exploring a topic in detail; in breadth, exploring several topics of the Middle Ages; or a Persona challenge, creating 50 things that your Medieval persona would have or be familiar with. I'm thinking I'll probably fall under the breadth category, making a number of objects in various time periods.

Luckily, anything I made after I moved to this area qualifies as one of the 50...the challenge started in May and we moved in September of that year. That helps a bit...

I've been making a lot more Viking clothing recently, but I need to do some embellishments, jewelry (beads), accessories, and I'd like to finish at least one item in nalbinding. Maybe I'll also take a class on wire weaving. Heck, I'd like to learn how to do any kind of weaving...cloth weaving, I mean. I can do inkle weaving, but there is a great deal of debate over whether or not it's period. Seriously? It's a two-shed woven trim. Maybe the loom isn't period, but the technique certainly is.

One other thing I've been wanting to do is make a few things out of wood. I took wood shop in middle school...partly because my father did a lot of woodworking and I enjoyed the smell of sawdust...partly because I just couldn't stand the home ec teacher...and partly because it would be me, one other tomboy, and 25 guys! Seemed like good odds. I want to start with something simple, like a 6-board box, then work my way up to more complex items. Maybe I will find a design of chair to replace the ugly nylon camp chairs, but it would have to pack down really small. I also want to finish making the yurt that I started several years ago. Although it "technically" wouldn't qualify for this competition, so little was done on it that I think I could justify it as one of the 50.

So my next step to keep things organized (and ready for transport to show anyone who cares) is to start a binder. I also need to take pictures, put the images into plastic sleeves and write up a short description of what it is, how I made it, how it was done in period, pictures of extant pieces, etc.

Wish me luck!