Thursday, May 26, 2011

Asian Revival

DD#1 has a school math activity that somehow requires a kimono. Apparently, she and her friend are selling Japanese-type goods at a booth and wanted to dress the part. I figured if I was going to make a kimono for her, she could wear it at events, I made it from a very nice linen for the outer robe and plain old unbleached muslin for the under robe.

I think I'll make a heavier version of this for an over-robe, maybe with some sashiko stitching on it for event wear. Evenings are always chilly in An Tir, so extra layers are a requirement.

I had some other ideas for hair decorations, but I don't have any little flowers to put onto strings. I have some beads and some bamboo skewers, and I'm sure I could come up with some string--like some crochet cotton or something. I just need some little flowers. Maybe I'll have to take a trip to Michael's.