Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ursulmas and beyond

I entered some 30 Evil Eye beads at Ursulmas 30 for their Arts & Sciences contest. This contest routinely has only three or four entrants, so I wasn't shocked to see the same number of entrants, but was thrilled to find out that I won! One thing that was made clear was that I needed to work on my display. Since this seemed a rather informal contest, I didn't think I needed to build anything elaborate. All the other contestants had done the same kind of "display"; drop item on table with documentation. I also forgot that I needed to specify that "30" was represented by 30 beads. Somehow I forgot to put that in the title of the documentation and it was missed by the judges.

I was gifted a whole arm load of loot--too much, in my opinion, for a simple contest. I may have to gift at least one of the items to someone--maybe someone who inspires me, or someone whose garb would be suitable for these ring cloak pins. My daughter has laid claim to the birdies--she loves birds--and I figured I could make cloaks for both girls with the fabric.

A few days ago, I started working on a new weaving project on the inkle loom. Sadly, a two-shed loom makes for very limited designs, so while I would love to learn (again) how to do card weaving, I'm thinking that I'd rather learn how to weave fabric on a loom--something 18" or 20" wide. I'm doing some passive research on how to build a loom, and may eventually seek out someone to teach a class on building a simple warp-weighted loom and weaving cloth.

Another passion, another journey.

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